Ultimate Guide for Solo Female Travel

Your travel boundaries are uniquely yours, and they are up to you to set and maintain. Solo traveling is a liberating experience that can be quite therapeutic. It is about opening yourself to new things and being curious.

Traveling solo is saying to yourself, “It’s time to focus on me.” Let travel find you everywhere. Try something new and challenge your thinking. It’s not just about the places you’ll see, but the person you’ll become. It’s a journey of personal growth and self-discovery.

Nowadays, due to digital nomadism, you can combine work and travel. This allows you to explore the world along with your career. The idea of solo travel is on the rise among Indian women. In 2023, a survey by Airbnb found that 30% of Indian women guests who booked accommodation domestically and abroad were solo travelers.

Why are Women Travelling Solo?


With the advent of technology, supportive communities, and better safety standards, the number of Solo Female travelers has risen. Reasons why women are traveling solo:

  • Embrace Independence- Solo travel is a chance to explore on your own terms, so make the most of your freedom. Exposure to new circumstances while traveling can help one adapt better, be resourceful, and be confident.

  • Safety Measures with the use of technology and services catering to women.

  • Be a Changemaker- Traveling alone promotes gender equality, breaks stereotypes, and inspires others with their travel stories.

  • Take a Break- Traveling is a great way to unwind. Being closer to nature helps relax the mind, body, and soul.

  • Supporting Local Communities– Sustainable travel practices and community-based projects enable women to contribute positively to local economies and societies.

  • Making Social Connections- It is not just the memories one can cherish while traveling solo but also the new people you meet and the connections you make. It can help both personally and professionally.

Tips for Solo Female Travellers


While traveling to a new destination, one should keep in mind the following tips:

  • It’s All About You- Is there something you have always wanted to do but have never been able to? Solo travel gives you a chance to do things exactly the way you want to do. Think about the things you want to see and do. It can be like a fun soul-searching activity. Try something new without feeling the burden of being judged.

  • It’s OK to be Alone- How much time do you spend with yourself? Traveling solo lets you push your abilities. It gives you a chance to self-discovery. It would help if you enjoyed spending time alone. Learn to push yourself out of your comfort zone.

  • Trust your Gut- When you feel something is not right, trust that. Your intuition is there for a reason. Keep a close watch on your surroundings. Avoid dangerous situations. Do not accept alcohol or food from strangers. Be alert, trust your instincts.
    Remember, the more information you have, the better your travel chances are. With the internet at your disposal, you can learn just about everything you want to know about a place, its history, culture, cuisine, weather, safety, or affordable transport and accommodation facilities. Check videos, blogs, and the government website. Note down the details of your country’s embassy and its emergency contacts.

  • Be on Time- Are you Going to a new place and don’t know how to travel? Then, make sure to have an idea of the best mode of transport and how feasible it is for you. Since it’s a new place, ensure you reach the destination on time and avoid odd hours. Plan to avoid any last-minute hassles. Want the best deals? Make sure to go through the websites of GoIbibo, IRCTC, and IndiaHikes.This will give you an idea of the best and most feasible mode of transport for travel and hotel stays.

  • Go on a Walking Tour– Many cities offer a free walking tour. Research before you plan to go for one. It can be a great way to make friends and interact with the locals.

  • Stay Connected- Your friends and family might want to check on you. Ensure your phone is sufficiently charged and has apps for safety, navigation, translation, and emergency contacts. Get a local SIM card or use a portable Wi-Fi device for internet access. As you are in a new place, ensure your family and friends know your whereabouts. This way, they can contact you in case of an emergency. Please provide them with copies of your flights, accommodation details, and any excursion plans.

  • Blend In – Who knows a place better than the ones who stay in it? Need clarification while traveling solo? Worry to refrain from interacting with locals and other travelers. Such connections can help you personally and professionally as well. They will help you and provide you with company in case you feel lonely. Try asking the hotel staff or the drivers about places you can visit or the food you can have. It will make your journey better. As the saying goes, jaisa desh waisa bhesh.
    Learn to blend in with the locals, dress modestly, and try to speak the way they do. Avoid wearing something expensive that might attract undue attention. This way, both will feel connected to each other. It is not just the journey but also the bonds that you make that enrich the travel experience.

  • Digital Documentation- Do you have too many documents to carry? Make the process easier by installing apps like the DigiYatra app. It allows people to store their identity, health, and travel documents in one place, leading to a hassle-free and seamless travel experience.

  • Pack Light and Smart: Confused about what to pack? List the basics that you need. Pack only the necessary clothing and essential items like food, medicines, pepper spray, toiletries, a safety whistle, and a portable charger for emergencies. Ensure that you carry some local currency with you as well if net banking doesn’t work.

New Approaches to Solo Travelling for Women

Technological advancement, change in societal attitudes, and a prospering community of female travelers have transformed solo traveling. These ensure safety, security, and a supportive network.

Some of the new evolving trends and approaches in solo travel for women:

  • Tech-enabled Safety- Real-time safety information, safe routes, location tracking, and emergency contacts can be found on apps like Safetipin, bSafe, and RedZone. Wearable devices like intelligent jewelry, panic buttons, and GPS-enabled trackers, which offer discreet and effective ways to call in case of an emergency, are popular.

  • Personalized Itineraries– Travel agencies create itineraries based on a woman’s interests, schedules, and budget.

  • Women-Friendly Accommodation- There has been a rise in hotels and hostels that offer women-only floors or sections to ensure privacy and safety for women.

  • Work-exchange programs like Workaway and WWOOF offer women the opportunity to work in exchange for accommodation and meals based on their budget.

  • Women-only Travel Groups are increasing, which fosters a sense of community and safety. These groups allow women to travel together and support each other.

  • Transport Services: Some cabs are available only for women with ride-sharing options. It acts as a safe and reliable transportation alternative.

  • Local Host Programs offered by SheBnB and Couchsurfing ensure safety. Apart from this, you can coordinate with local female guides for an authentic cultural experience.

  • Eco-friendly tours are provided by travel agencies that focus on sustainable travel practices.

Women Travel Agencies

With exclusive travel groups, itineraries are made with interests, schedules, budgets, and choices of destination kept in mind.

Here’s a list of some women’s travel groups in India that ensure safe, secure, and budget-friendly trips.

  • Women On Wanderlust (WOW Club) offers various domestic and international trips. Their trips include adventure, culture, wellness, and leisure. Comprehensive travel packages are provided, including accommodation, meals, and guided tours. The WOW Club has expert guides and ensures safety protocols.
    Visit: https://www.wowclub.com/

  • The Wander Girls organizes customized itineraries, local cultural experiences, adventure activities, and wellness retreats meant only for women. They offer personalized service and small group sizes, emphasizing sustainable and responsible travel.
    Visit: https://thewandergirls.com/

  • The Flapper Life conducts trips across India and Asian countries, ensuring they travel with ease and comfort. Apart from this, they also have a podcast named Brewing Travel Shots that chronicles travel stories of women who paved new horizons across India.
    Visit: https://www.theflapperlife.com/

  • Girl and her Backpack focuses on solo and group travel by organizing trips filled with nature trails, heritage walks, adventure activities, and offbeat destinations. It focuses on budget-friendly options, safety, and community-building activities.
    Visit: https://www.girlandherbackpack.com/

  • Jugni offers group tours, adventure trips, cultural experiences, and wellness retreats across India and abroad. It has experienced trip leaders, pre-trip meet-ups, and post-trip reunions to build camaraderie among female travelers.
    Visit: https://jugni.co.in/


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