7 Feminist Fathers in Bollywood movies who are setting some serious parenting goals

For a long time, Bollywood movies made us feel that there aren’t many fathers who support their daughter’s decisions on matters like career or marriage. But, this is changing slowly and steadily. Hindi movies are now bringing us progressive, open-minded and liberal fathers, who support their daughter’s and their dreams.

Meet some amazing feminist fathers from Bollywood movies who have left a mark on us and are setting serious parenting goals for us.

#1. Gunjan Saxena – Anup Saxena

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The father-daughter relationship in Gunjan Saxena is praise-worthy. It’s something we haven’t seen in the recent past. Pankaj Tripathi, as Anup Saxena, totally shinned. There are many women empowering dialogues in the movie, one of them is: “Plane ladka udae ya ladki dono ko pilot hi kehte hai”. Anup Saxena, a retired Army officer, pushed her daughter to live her dreams despite reservations from son, a military person and wife.

He never let her daughter give up on her dreams. He even worked hard along with her until her dream to fly an aircraft was fulfilled. 

#2. Thappad – Sachin Sandhu

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Some movies leave a lasting impression in the minds and the hearts of the audience, Thappad is one of them. When Amrita was slapped by her husband in front of all the guests at a house party, she filed for divorce. It’s an unusual script that brilliantly deals with the issue of domestic violence.

Apart from the edgy script, the character of Amrita’s father, played by Kumud Mishra, is praised by all. Sachin Sandhu is a father that every girl wishes for. When Tapsee Pannu who played the role of Amrita asks her dad – ‘Papa, galat toh nahi kar rahi na?’ after filing the divorce case, he says: “Hum toh humesa sahi soch kar karte hai beta. Galat ka toh baad mein pata chalta hai…kai baar sahi karne ka result, happy nahi hota.” 

Sachin Sandhu strongly supports his daughter’s decision and also guides her through her difficult days. Also, he doesn’t support his son when he talks rudely to his girlfriend.

#3. Mohinder Brar – Chandigarh Kare Aashiqui 

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Bollywood is certainly growing and experimenting with the themes it is undertaking, especially when it comes to representation of LGBTQ+ community on-screen. One such movie has been Abhishek Kapoor’s “Chandigarh Kare Aashiqui” where Vaani Kapoor plays the role of Maanvi Brar, a transwoman. In this film we find a father who is not just supportive of his daughter, but also an ally. 

He not only whole-heartedly accepts his daughter, but also supports her when her mother refuses to acknowledge her gender-identity and transformation. The relationship between Maanvi and her father is truly beautiful and heart-warming, as he supports her even when faced with disapproval from his family. 

#4. Bareilly Ki Barfi – Narottam Mishra

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Kriti Sanon as ‘Bitti’ in Bareilly ki Barfi is a rebel who lives by her own rules. She enjoys her independent life without much trouble because of the constant support from her father, Narottam Mishra. The role of Bitti’s father has been brilliantly played by Pankaj Tripathi, who unapologetically supports the choices and dreams of her daughter. 

The Mishras live in a small town of UP where girls don’t have the luxury of living a life of their choice. But, Narottam doesn’t hesitate to support her daughter despite his wife’s claims that daughters are merely ‘paraya dhan’. Pankaj Tripathi plays the role of a supportive father and becomes the biggest strength of his daughter. 

#5. Piku – Bhaskar Banerjee 

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Amitabh Bachchan aced the role of Bhaskar Banerjee, a cranky, old, single parent dad. He is proud of his daughter Piku and never stops appreciating her achievements. Bhaskar dismisses the societal norms, like a daughter should be married at a certain age or she is not responsible for looking after her parents.

Piku is raised to be an independent and strong woman. She is capable of holding opinions and solving her issues. Bhaskar Banerjee is one of the most powerful dad-characters in Bollywood.

#6. Mahavir Singh Phogat – Dangal

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Who can forget Dangal girls and their father, Mahavir Singh Phogat? He is one of the most inspiring on-screen fathers. One of the film’s dialogues, “Hamari choriyan choro se kam hai ke? (Our girls are no less than our boys?)”, became the rage in the country. 

Mahavir Singh helped his daughters to bring medals for India in wrestling and also encouraged millions of other girls. He was a unique father, who smashed the gender stereotypes and inspired girls to dream big.

#7. Champak Bansal – Angrezi Medium

Champak, played by late Irrfan Khan, is a father who is determined to do everything to make his daughter’s dreams come true. He pulls all stops, including selling his shop and even committing fraud, so he can send his daughter to London for further studies. Despite his financial struggles and even social hurdles, he is a single parent who fights all odds in order to support his daughter and her ambitions. 

So, which of these feminist fathers from Bollywood did you find more relatable and comforting.

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