Here’s why you should switch your daily cup of chai for some herbal tea

Whether it is freezing 10 degrees or scorching 45 degrees, one thing that we Indians cannot stay away from is our chai! A cup of tea, no matter what, we need that cup of tea everyday, sometimes even more than one cup. 

Tea for many is that time of calmness during their busy day that soothes their mind and body. A cup of tea can change your mood instantly because of the presence of amino acids and other beneficial ingredients. You start to feel fresh and energetic. 

However, if you truly wish to soothe your senses with a cup of tea, forget the regular chai and try herbal teas instead. Here are the best herbal teas to calm down your anxiety and make you feel good.

Chamomile Tea

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First on our list is Chamomile Tea. It is effective to reduce stress or anxiety symptoms from a moderate to severe level. It’s made with Chamomile flower infused in hot water and it tastes sweet.

Anxiety not only makes your mind chaotic and confused but also keeps you away from the right amount of sleep and social activities. And as a result, you suffer insomnia or sleeplessness. Chamomile Tea treats insomnia as it lacks caffeine and brewed by using its blossom. For a long time, Chamomile tea has been used by people to reduce anxiety and sleeplessness. The best time to take this tea is right before bed.  

Lavender Tea

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One of the most famous remedies for stress and anxiety is Lavender oil and tea. Its oil is used in aromatherapy to treat patients with dementia. This herbal tea releases happy chemicals, dopamine, in the brain, that’s why you feel elated after drinking this tea. 

The scent of lavender helps you to get deep sleep and feel relaxed. You wake up energetic and happy. This awesome Lavender tea is made from its dried buds. It helps to soothe your muscles and nerves that help to reduce anxiety and stress. Apart from mental illness, it works magically for your digestive system. 

Rose Tea

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Roses are beautiful and they are a treat to our eyes. We are aware of its benefits for our skin but very few of us know that it is also good for our mental health. It reduces anxiety and provides a calming effect. All you have to do for preparing rose tea is: Pluck a rose, use its petals or dry them, and boil it for 5-10 minutes.  

Passionflower tea

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Passionflower tea is an old age remedy for stress and anxiety, highly popular in Europe. It prevents sleeplessness and anxiety hence it makes sure our brain isn’t overthinking. You have to mix the dry flower with hot water and brew it. This herbal tea has anti-anxiety benefits such as calming nerves and muscles.

If you are taking sedative medication due to anxiety then you should avoid this tea or ask from doctors before consuming it. Passionflower tea is not suitable for pregnant women and children.   

Green tea

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Apart from being super effective in weight loss, Green tea is best for mental health too. It contains epicatechin, an antioxidant that helps your brain to stay positive and vibrant. It also helps in improving your memory.

Green tea is best for both mental and physical health and can be consumed early in the morning. It can relax your body without making you feel lazy or tired.

Peppermint tea

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After a crazy day at home or office, all you need is to sit on a couch and relax with a cup of peppermint tea in your hand. It instantly calms you down and eases your stressed muscles. You will feel peaceful, and the next thing you can do is get some sleep. Peppermint tea lacks caffeine hence helps you to get a sound sleep after a hectic day. 

Peppermint tea is a popular choice of yogis and meditation gurus as it improves concentration and boosts memory power. You can make this herbal tea either with dry leaves or fresh peppermint leaves. 

Note: Pregnant women should avoid peppermint tea as it increases the chance of miscarriage.  

Simple things are always precious and many times effective too. Herbal teas, for example, is easy to brew and consume. What can be better than a healthy cup of herb-infused tea to keep your day going! All it takes is a sip of the right tea to switch your mood from worst to best.

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