Trends Watch: Are Co-Ord Sets Redefining Fashion With Comfort

Recently, while indulging in my weekend guilty pleasure of binging on Shark Tank India, I saw an episode in which a clothing brand’s pitch left the Sharks divided over one of the hottest yet most confusing fashion trends. 

I’m talking about Co-ords. Whether high couture or local flea markets, Co-ord sets have taken over the racks. But at the same time, this fashion trend has left many confused and wondering—are Co-ords loungewear, or can they be worn outside as well? 

This is the same question that saw Sharks Radhika Gupta and Vineeta Singh at opposite ends when it came to the Mother-Daughter duo pitching their latest line of Co-ord sets. For a long time, I also shared Radhika Gupta’s opinion about Co-ords—yeh ghar mein hi pehn sakte hain!

So, what are Co-ord Sets? Simply put, they are a set of coordinated or matching tops and bottoms in the same fabric that are worn together. Now, it can be a top with a skirt, pants, or even shorts. The idea is to create a seamless and cohesive look by matching colors and/or prints. 

What do the Trends have to Say!

According to the latest results on Glimpse, a site that analyzes hundreds of millions of consumer behavior signals from across the web, interest in “Co-ord sets” has grown 137% over the past year.

What’s more? A Press Release shared by Myntra regarding their BFF Sale in October 2023, stated that co-ord sets are trending at 100% Year-on-Year (YoY) growth in demand. This shows the immense popularity of this growing “comfort” fashion trend.

So clearly, both Radhika Gupta & I are wrong if we see the consumer trends. But what lies behind this trend and how it started? Because there is certainly a thin line between co-ords and loungewear when you see them first. 

Start of ‘comfort-over-fashion’ era

With the Pandemic, many things have shifted, including our fashion preferences. With growing trends like co-ords sets and athleisure taking over the market in the last year, there is an increased interest in comfort fashion.

As lockdown forced us to move from outdoors to indoors, with nowhere to go, the fitting fashion clothing was soon overtaken by an increased demand for comfort homewear. With the work-from-home scenario, there came a need for comfortable clothing that still resembled work attire in look but was relaxed and gave a sense of leisure when at home. So our usual fitted jeans and trousers were swapped for loose pants and shorts, while oversized tops took over our formal shirts and dresses. Trend analysts and fashion forecasters described it as the ‘comfort-over-fashion’ era.

Even as the overall spending over fashion decreased during this time, 2021-22 saw a huge wave of interest for loungewear clothing especially, across the globe. According to a report by Market Research Future, Loungewear Market was valued at USD 5.49 billion in 2022. It is projected to grow further from USD 7.23 billion in 2024 to USD 15.87 billion by 2032.

Comfort is becoming a growing preference!

Driven by the lifestyle shifts during lockdown, research has shown that comfortwear is here to stay. But with it is the added need to dress up once again as we step outside. So enter co-ord sets, a perfect blend of chic with ease. From fast fashion brands, such as Zara, H&M, M&S, Uniqlo, etc. to designer couture brands like those of Ranna Gill, AMPM, Ritu Kumar, Namrata Joshipura, and many more, have all embraced the demand for co-ord sets. Well, they have taken over our local, flea markets as well!

Lockdown did make us realize that fashion is not always about fitted fashion and body hugging clothes, fashion is actually a means of personal expression; and that expression can be comfortable as well. Whether you are WFH, at the office, having brunch with your friends, or going to a low-key dinner party, co-ord sets are the perfect mix of style, comfort and sophistication.

Time-Saving, Versatile & Sustainable: One Trend, Many Benefits!

Co-ord sets are not just a trending fashion statement but an opportunity for a more sustainable approach. Investing in a quality and versatile co-ord set can be a great addition to any ethical and sustainable wardrobe.

What’s more? A Co-ord set is so effortlessly time-saving and stress-free. Forget the hassle of having to match your separate pieces to create that fashionable yet easy look, co-ords are a game-changer for those who appreciate efficiency and want to make their getting-ready routine simpler. With matching top and bottom, you have an instantly complete outfit with minimal efforts.

But if you are someone who loves versatility, then too co-ord sets can be the wardrobe staple you need. Just start pairing your co-ord top with a different bottom or the other way around, and you have a whole new outfit ready. And mix and match to your heart’s content!

Moreover, co-ords are a seasonless fashion that can be worn throughout the year. You can easily find summer and winter co-ord sets. 

Some Tips To Ace the Style!

If you are someone who wants to experiment and invest in this fashion trend, but is worried that co-ords look like loungewear, here are some simple styling tips to help you cross the line.

1. Structure is the key! Longue wear is supposed to be slightly loose and flowing to give you a comfortable feel. Pick something with a structured silhouette when you opt for co-ords to wear at the office. Go for a set with fitted or tailored pants or a pencil skirt, which accentuates your shape rather than looking baggy. Another important point is to invest in high-quality fabric so it doesn’t look like an ill-fitting piece you wore just out of bed.

2. Go for Monochrome when it’s formal! If you are wearing a co-ord for your office, it is best to avoid bright colors and prints that are too big. Monochrome is your best and safest bet, especially if you are new and still experimenting with your comfort level with this trend. If you wear it for a brunch or coffee date with friends, you can go for bright monotones.

3. Layering for versatility! If you want to wear it outside but are still unsure about the matchy-matchy look, you can add a third piece to the look. Add a shrug or a jacket/blazer to the outfit (depending on the season). A jacket or blazer can work well, especially if you wear a co-ord set to the office. Even a scarf can help you turn your look around. Obviously, no one wears jackets or scarves with their nightdress and loungewear, right? So, there you go!

4. Accessories it, but right! Now, just to break the idea of it not being a nightwear, don’t go overboard. An ethnic co-ord set with statement earrings or a monotone co-ord with a neckpiece, can enhance your look. Also, adding a belt will not only break the illusion of it being a matching set but will also give some structure to your waist and give it more shape.

So, as you see, right pick and styling is what makes a difference between a co-ord set and a loungewear. Tell us what you think of this fashion trend? Also, if you have any more tips to share of your own, share it in the comment section below.

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