How to close an interview that makes you unforgettable and leaves a lasting impression

To leave a great impression on the hiring team, you need what we call a proper closure before they end the interview. You don’t want your interviewer to think ‘Oh! She was just another ordinary candidate’. You want to show them why you are better than hundreds of candidates who they have already interviewed. You want to stand out. You want to seal the deal and get the job. And, to make all this happen, you have to leave a lasting impression on the hiring team.

It’s not tough to impress the interviewer and clear their doubts about your hiring. Here are 6 simple ways in which you can close an interview and leave a lasting impression.

Ask good questions

Mostly, before ending the interview, the hiring manager asks—“Have you got any questions for us?” To which you have to reply proactively to show your interest in the job position and the company. 

For example: “What do you want me to accomplish in the first few months of the job?” 

“I read [company’s name] is completing with X. How do you sell-out them?”  

“How do you nurture a good working environment at your company?” 

“What do you feel might be some challenges that might come with this role that I should be prepared for if selected?”

Replying ‘no, I think you have answered all my questions’ won’t leave a lasting impression on the interviewer. So, be prepared with some insightful questions. 

Be thankful to your interviewer 

A simple, genuine thank you works perfectly in an interview. But, make sure you add a few words or lines to it. Everyone likes to be treated with courtesy and respect. 

For example: 

“Thank you for your time.”

“I really appreciate your taking out time for interviewing me.”

Or, you can also email the interviewer with a short and sweet thank you note. They will surely appreciate your effort in writing down to them.  

Remind your key skills

To end the interview on a high note, give them a brief about your key skills and why you are the best fit for the job. You don’t want them to forget you easily because of course, they have been interviewing other candidates too. 

Stick with the required skills for that job position and highlight them. Finish your interview with a short and sweet summary of your key strengths.

For example: 

“I’m confident that my previous experience with XY Company will help me to perform well here as well.”

Ask training opportunities

Believe it or not. It is one such question that most of the candidates forget to ask but is very important. Asking about the training, workshops and conferences is the best way to interact with your interviewer. 

In many companies, you get the chance of attending webinars, web-based training and workshops to hone your skills before you take the new job role. So, yes, hiring managers will be delighted to answer such questions because it somehow projects a good picture of the company. So don’t miss it. 

For example: “Will I get on-the-job-training opportunity?

Confront any issues

You have to keep things clear with the interviewer. If you have questions related to your job roles and responsibilities, ask them. If there is any contract involved in the hiring process, make sure you are aware of all the important details.

Also, if you feel doubtful about your hiring then you can ask a question—“Do you have any concerns about my ability to do this role?”

If there’s any issue, the interviewer would confront it to you and you might resolve it. And, in case, there isn’t any problem then you are 100% sure about your hiring. 

Ask about the next steps

Candidates don’t know what to do next after the interview process is over. So, to keep yourself informed, you must ask about the next step. 

For example: “When can I expect to hear back from you?”

“What’s the next step for me?”

Asking such questions would show that you are keen and interested in the job position they are hiring for. Also, you would get the information about when you can hear them back and save yourself from endless waiting.


Getting the best job offer is not mere luck, there is more to it. It is your hard work, confidence, skills and personality. All of them play an equal and vital role in convincing the hiring manager to give you the job. Apart from that, the above-mentioned etiquettes are the ‘finishing touch’ or ‘the cherry on top’ to your interview. After your final stroke, the interviewer is left with no choice but to hire you. Congratulations!


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