No touch-up needed: 10 Smart tricks to make your makeup last all night long

We all love to get out once in a while, let their hair down, and go out with their friends with the idea to paint the town red. But, the only thing that can spoil any girl’s perfect night out plan is ruined and smeared makeup.

You are thinking that after hours of sweating it out on the dance floor, nibbling those hors d’oeuvres, and sipping through those straws, the only way you can keep your makeup intact is by making those constant touch-up runs, right? Well, don’t worry as we have got your back girls!

Here’s a smart guide that will save you from running for touch ups and will make sure you leave the party looking just as much of a diva as you looked when you made that grand entrance. Check out these smart makeup tips and hacks that we have got for you: 

  1. Prep is the Key

Start by turning your face into a clean slate. Remember the age-old skin care mantra of cleansing, exfoliating, toning and moisturizing? Well, that’s your first step to start before you even apply your makeup. Properly exfoliate or cleanse your face, and then apply a lightweight moisturizer.

Extra Tip: Properly prepping your face before applying the makeup will also save your skin from any makeup-related damage. 

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  1. Find Time for Primer

Most girls skip this step, thinking of it as a marketing gimmick for makeup products. But if you wish to enjoy your night without worrying about smearing makeup, invest in a good primer that suits your skin, and its needs. A primer will seal the skin’s moisture and give your face an even base. 

Extra Tip: In summers, go for an oil-free primer. 

  1. Go for a Long Lasting Foundation

Want your makeup to last long, invest in a long-lasting foundation, simple! Yes, some tips are that simple. Still, you can thank us later for pointing out what’s been under your nose, but you missed, ladies. Use a lightweight cream or liquid foundation that doesn’t make you sweat much. 

Extra Tip: If you are not a fan of foundations, then go for a good BB cream. 

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  1. Creamy Products for Longer Stay

A cream blush, highlight, and contour will help your makeup stay longer and give your face a smoother look. Cream products are the best hack for a party makeup that lasts all night long. 

Extra Tip: If you don’t want a cream blush, go for a liquid cheek stain in a richer pigment for a more extended stay. 

  1. Don’t forget your Lips

Who wants to think about smeared lipstick, just as they are dancing with or talking to their crush at the party, right? So, prep your lips well before applying the lip color. Exfoliate the lips and use a thin layer of foundation on them, to give your color a longer stay time. Also, before applying the lipstick, line them with a natural lip pencil, and don’t forget to blot. 

Extra Tip: A good alternative to lipstick is to use a lip stain, as that stays on for a longer time. 

  1. Seal the Deal with Gloss

After applying lipstick, use a layer of clear balm or gloss for even longer wear. This will seal the color and extend the life of your lipstick. 

Extra Tip: Use a brush to apply your lip color to give it a smoother and even finish.

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  1. Prep the Peepers

With your cheeks and lips in check, it’s time to get your eyes ready for makeup that would last longer. So, if you don’t want a smudgy eyeshadow by the end of the night, apply primer over your eyelids and under the lash line. Primer or foundation on eyes will not just smoothen your eyelids but will also prevent the eye makeup from creasing.

Extra Tip: Opt for a creamy primer and foundation for your eye makeup as well.

  1. Liquid Liner & Waterproof Lashes

To make sure your eye makeup doesn’t go drooping downward as you party all night long, go for liquid eyeliners. Liquid eyeliners have a better wear power than their pencil counterparts. If you apply mascara, then go for a waterproof one.

Extra Tip: There are topcoats available as well for mascaras that will come handy during those long nights out.

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  1. Setting Powders Seal the Deal

After your primer, foundation, blush, and bronzer, the last step of your face makeup is to lock it all in with some translucent setting powder. It will give your makeup that extra defense against oil and sweat. 

Extra Tip: You can also keep a water-based, oil-free fixing/setting spray that can be used to keep your makeup refreshed during the night. 

  1. Blotting Sheets to the Rescue

Oil is the worst enemy of your makeup’s lifeline when you are out enjoying yourself at a party. So, keep some blotting sheets in your purse to remove shine.

Extra Tip: Q-tips can come handy to get rid of any mascara smudges during the night. 

Armed with these 10 simple makeup tips you are ready to make your exit just as grand and beautiful as your entrance. Follow these smart hacks to get the makeup that lasts all night long and spare yourself those touch-up runs!

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